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Parent Questionnaire September 2016

I'm so pleased and impressed with how my son is getting on at school in general. He is so happy to come to school in the morning which is a good sign that he looks forward to coming to school. I'm grateful with how the school supports me with other things , such as dealing with transport, arranging meeting with different agencies. I really am thankful. 

I Love the school! My child is doing so well and I am very happy!  Every night she tells me what she did that day!

I have always been impressed with the school and feel my sisters progress has improved so much since attending. I'm so glad to hear there is now a college...It gives me comfort to know she will have consistency in her further learning....Thank you very much for all the support.....You have a very good staff I cannot say anymore.

Thanks for your care.


We are very grateful for all the parents that responded to the online survey that was conducted during September this year. The survey was conducted digitally and support in answering was offered through 1:1 literacy support, interpreters, technical support, and individual consultation.


What is going well?

+ The overwhelming majority of feedback was very positive.

+ All parents/carers surveyed either agreed or strongly agreed that their children enjoyed school and no parent/carer surveyed felt displeased with their child’s education, feeling that the school was a positive place with high expectations for pupils.

+ Parents/carers felt that they could shape students education through consultation.

+ Through survey we understand that parents strongly feel that the information they receive from school is easily understood (100%), that should they have any questions it would be easy to contact the school (85%) and they would feel comfortable discussing their issues (0% disagreed that they would feel comfortable approaching the school).

 + No parent or carer felt their child was not making good progress.

+ The school’s efforts to support independence in our students was supported by parent opinion. All parents surveyed agreeing or strongly agreeing that their child is encouraged to become independent at school. 86% of parents or careers feeling that their child is becoming a young adult and only a single respondent feeling that their child was not increasing in confidence. 

+ The data showed that overwhelmingly parents felt happy with their child’s education were well informed about their child. Parents were comfortable approaching the school and that the school had high expectations of their child.

What we will be working on in the future.

 - There was a high proportion of ‘I don’t know’ responses. This could be due to the fact that many respondents were parents/careers of pupils in year 7 and had not enough experience of the school to make a conclusion.

 -Many parents/carers had not visited the school website.

-Some parents/carers had issues with the wording of specific questions, citing that they may not be specifically related to school issues (i.e. ‘my child is communicating with confidence). this should be reviewed and adapted accordingly.

- The school would love to engage with all parents/carers from all of our students homes and will continue to offer a range of activities to support the needs and interests of all families.


At TMTS we are committed to being as transparent with our feedback as possible. With this in mind we invite you to see all the data here. Should you have any queries or suggestions around this or any other topic please do not hesitate to contact us at