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Governing Body Performance Statement 2015-16

Most governors had excellent attendance records in 2015-16 and the terms of reference for each committee were reviewed. Governors made a number of visits to the school as well being available for remote-working related to school business.

Work carried out during 2015-16 included:

 Completing leadership transition as our new Headteacher began her first year at the school.

  • Ensuring the school was compliant across the full range of areas relating to legal requirements.
  • Reviewing every policy ensuring they reflect the needs of the school as part of the school audit in February 2016.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the data relating to student progress.
  • Reviewing plans for the Michael Tippett College, which opened in September 2016. We oversaw and approved plans for the college and how it will work with the school. As part of that, we also appointed a new Deputy Headteacher of the school.
  • Partnership working with the local authority to agree funding arrangements.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the School Improvement Plan which included a range of building works and ensuring appropriate learning resources were purchased for students. It also covered the development of post-16 provision.
  • Ensuring the needs of TMTS were communicated clearly to the local authority and other agencies.

How our Actions Benefited the School

    • We have ensured TMTS has a new Headteacher allowing for a seamless transition between leaders and enabling the school to continue in its progression.
    • TMTS has adapted to changing regulatory demands placed on it and improved its provision accordingly.
    • Students have made good progress and we have contributed to interrogating data and raising standards.
    • A number of areas identified for improvement have been worked on and developed as a result of scrutiny. Through the School Improvement Plan and Self-Evaluation Document we have a good understanding of what the school needs to do to improve further.
    • The school now has a new revamped management structure that will enable it to meet the challenges and exploit the opportunities of the future.
    • Building improvements will enhance our school’s long standing vision.
    • We have ensured the school’s policies are compliant, relevant and focused.