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A 'V.I.P.' Tour of the Crystal Palace F.C. Stadium for TMTS Football Club Students...

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Every Monday at our 12 noon 'club time', several Post 16 students meet with Clair, who represents Crystal Palace F.C. in their school outreach program, for training and practise in football skills. So, we were proud to be invited to a 'V.I.P.' tour of the entire Crystal Palace facility - from the pitch itself to the changing rooms for the teams, from where the coaches and substitute players sit to the 'sky boxes' for the serious fans and supporters - we saw the LOT! And the trophy case was AWESOME...!!! Many thanks go out to our gracious and knowledgeable hosts, Clair and Michael, who answered our questions and made the history of this venerable football club come alive!

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Travel Training Outing to the Tate Britain

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One of the most practical and important aspects of the curriculum at TMTS, across all ages, is going out and about in the community safely and appropriately. To that end, our Post-16 students have regular 'travel training' outings - in this case, to the Tate Britain - using buses, the Tube and, of course, our feet. We paid attention getting on and off the bus and the Tube; we concentrated when using escalators; we oriented ourselves looking around and using available maps; and, most importantly, we had FUN!

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Luton Class Visits Royal Festival Hall for Sonic Experience...

(18 images)

Luton Class took a trip to the Southbank's Royal Festival Hall to experience a sonic and sensory treat! They produced sounds via an electronically sensory sand pit, and by an array of Indonesian percussion instruments known as 'gamelan'.

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Caterlink Ltd., the Education Catering Specialists, at TMTS

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The Caterlink company, education catering providers at the primary, secondary, academy and college levels, sent a baker to our school who set up shop in our Life Skills kitchen and worked with our Post-16 students to produce some lovely loaves of bread, as these photos show...

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Ebony Horse Club Comes to The Michael Tippett School...

(19 images)

There were 'horses on the hill' at The Michael Tippett School as the Ebony Horse Club ('Changing Lives In the Heart of Brixton'), where several of our students over the years have attended and experienced the magic of interaction with these gentle creatures, sent two of their best - 'Joe' the horse and 'Splash' the horse - to our playground so that a broader range of our student community could see and touch these imposing creatures. And the horses really enjoyed grazing on our fresh, green grass!

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Jack Petchey Outstanding Achievement Award for Malachi...

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TMTS is very proud of our own Malachi Macnamara who has been chosen for a Panathlon/Jack Petchey 'Outstanding Achievement Award' for 2019, one of only 19 young adults to be so honoured from among the thousands who have participated. Malachi has been recognised in the category of 'Sporting Achievement' for his work and efforts in conducting PE classes at both TMTS and our neighbour school, Jessop Primary. Malachi got to meet Great Britain's own Paralympic gold medalist, Liz Johnson, at the ceremony, as well as the other recipients. Well done, Malachi!!!

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Pink Day for Breast Cancer Awareness

(47 images)

To support Breast Cancer Awareness month, TMTS takes part in 'Pink Day', not only by wearing that colour, but also by selling pink food ( ! ) to raise funds to donate to this worthy cause. Have a look at our 'fashion show'...

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Bus Safety Training by TfL for TMTS

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Our Post-16 students had an outing to Streatham to meet up with Transport for London (TfL) personnel for some worthwhile and educational training on bus safety. Included were some 'skits' by TfL staff acting out serious and disruptive behaviours: the 'bad guys' are identified in the photos by red circles! Enjoy the photos...

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The TMTS Closed Circuit Television (cctv) Slide Show

(116 images)

On our internal cctv system we have displayed great photos of our TMTS community ~ students and staff, alike ~ doing their best everyday in every way. These photos show the dedication, the concentration, the accomplishments of all of us, for which we can truly be proud! Have a look...

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Northern Class Goes Ice Skating

(25 images)

Shortly after the Christmas break, Northern Class took a trip to Somerset House to go ice skating. And some of these photos prove that four wheels are definitely better than two feet! A big 'Thank You!' to the blue coated helpers who kept us moving...

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Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning at TMTS ~ September 2019

(44 images)

Here we are again, raising money for the Macmillan Cancer Support charity through our hosting of their annual 'Coffee Morning' which is always a tasty success at TMTS!

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The YoungMinds Charity 'Hello Yellow' Day at TMTS

(48 images)

These photos document our participation in fundraising for the YoungMinds Charity's 'Hello Yellow' day at TMTS, a very worthy charity that works to improve the emotional health and well-being of children and young people in the U.K.

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Jeans for GENES Day

(15 images)

TMTS staff, and students, participated in the annual 'Jeans for Genes Day' fundraising event at the beginning of the school year, as these photos attest to ~ a most worthy and relevant event, indeed, of the charity Genetic Disorders UK.

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Christmas Singing at Herne Hill Station ~ 2019

(28 images)

To make another contribution to the festive season, several TMTS classes walked to Herne Hill Station and sang their hearts out!

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Swimming Panathlon Award Ceremony for TMTS Swim Team

(24 images)

The first few photos here show the very moment when we knew we had won the Third Place Trophy! And the smiles continued as we collected our individual medals. We then proudly posed as a team and as individuals, displaying our winnings ~ ~ ~ a very successful outing, indeed!

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TMTS Wins Trophy at Swimming Panathlon Competition

(65 images)

Our TMTS swimmers earned a Third Place Trophy, along with individual medals for all, at the annual Swimming Panathlon Competition. There were races and water games, and everyone had a wet and wild time! And we must send out a big 'Thank You!' to the volunteers from other schools, both in the pool and on the side, who helped us in the competition and who cheered us on, as you can see in these photos.

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TMTS Helps to Decorate the Herne Hill Station Christmas Tree

(19 images)

One cold, December morning some of our Post-16 students trekked to the Herne Hill Station to help decorate their Christmas tree with items made and collected at the school. It was a fun contribution to the season!

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Juniper Hall Field Study Centre Residential Trip for TMTS

(90 images)

Autumn is a wonderful time to visit the South Downs, which several of our students did for this overnight trip to Juniper Hall Field Study Centre. This array of photos shows the variety of activities our students engaged in, including setting out traps and catching and releasing a field mouse (see the oval highlight in the lower left corner...), orienteering around the countryside, and collecting wood and building a lean-to shelter, all of which was both very educational and enjoyable!

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TMTS and the Ebony Horse Club Charity

(20 images)

For a number of years TMTS has participated in the very worthwhile and rewarding activities of the Ebony Horse Club charity, which states on their website, 'We believe that riding and horse care can have a transformative effect on young people . . . We teach life skills, build confidence and provide opportunities.' We wholeheartedly concur! Our students have truly benefited over the years from their experiences at the Ebony Horse Club. Have a look at these photos of our students performing a variety of chores around the stables, including (the most fun of all...) RIDING!!!

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Shakespeare's Hamlet by TMTS Students

(97 images)

For our autumn Shakespeare Schools Foundation presentation, our students performed Hamlet at the famed Brit School. These photos of the dress rehearsal show the dedication and interpretation our actors and actresses put into their performances. So, up with the curtain and let the show begin!!!

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Shakespeare Schools Foundation Workshop for Hamlet, Performed by TMTS!

(10 images)

As we were selected by the Shakespeare Schools Foundation to put on a performance of the Bard's Hamlet at the famed Brit School, we attended a workshop there to familiarize ourselves with the theatre and to practise our roles in the play. Here are some photos...

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Panathlon Challenge Football Finals at Wembley

(27 images)

TMTS qualified for the Panathlon Challenge Football Finals, held this year at the Power League 5-a-Side venue in the shadow of Wembley Stadium. The photos show us in action, playing, watching, cheering and just simply enjoying the outing for the day. It was FUN!!!

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The Naming of Our SoSafe Dolls

(10 images)

Our new SoSafe dolls needed naming, so the TMTS Student Council was called in to do the job.

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World Toilet Day Outing

(16 images)

Four TMTS students traveled to St. Paul's Cathedral to take part in World Toilet Day festivities. Through the Toilet Twinning charity, TMTS has very proudly sponsored several toilets in developing countries with donations from our school community.

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Milkwood Park Mural PAINTING & JUDGING ~ TMTS and Jessop School

(80 images)

TMTS, along with our neighbour, Jessop School, was honoured to be invited to co-produce a mural to be installed in Milkwood Park, which lies between the two schools. This gallery of photos shows students from both schools collaborating on ideas and their execution, along with members of the community and fellow artists discussing and assessing their efforts.

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Mother's Day Luncheon

(5 images)

Here are a few heart-warming photos of the TMTS Mother's Day Luncheon, when students are able to share a pleasant and tasty lunch with their mothers on the day.

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The Oval Cricket Outing

(69 images)

These photos are of our annual cricket outing at The Oval in Kennington, a very historic setting. (It opened in 1845!) Many schools attend, and the day begins with some fun ball and bat activities, followed by eating our pack lunches while sitting in the stands, and, finally, actually getting to practise on the famous cricket ground, itself! The photos show the grandeur of the setting, and itís always a wonderful day out!

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World Book Day at TMTS

(81 images)

World Book Day at TMTS was a lot of fun because both students and staff dressed up in costumes like characters in our favourite books. Here's a test: Can you guess the names of these characters, or the books they are from? Good luck, and READ ON!!!

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'We Will Rock You!' ~ Our End-of-Year Musical Extravaganza!!!

(165 images)

Gosh, this was a GOOD one! The photos tell the story: our musical this year was based on songs by the rock group, Queen, so we dressed up in our costumes and learned our lines and we all sang our hearts out... and THIS was the result! Enjoy the photos...

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Barings' Chefs WORKSHOPS ~ 2019

(67 images)

Barings has partnered with The Michael Tippett School in various ways, and some of their in-house chefs came to TMTS to conduct workshops for some of our Post-16 students on food preparation and healthy eating. Here are some photos...

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The TMTS and TMTC 2018-19 Graduation Ceremony

(115 images)

The school year ends for TMTS, as well as TMTC (the College), with our annual Graduation Ceremony. The entire Michael Tippett community comes together to honour those students who have successfully completed their stay at TMTS and TMTC. We wish them all possible success and happiness in the future... and it's always just a little bit sad to say goodbye.

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The Summer Fair at TMTS

(67 images)

These photos show the brilliant weather, the brilliant colours and the brilliant time being had by all at the annual TMTS Summer Fair. From everybody who contributed and participated to all the students and families who had fun, this was a lovely coming together of our school community!

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WE Charity Training on How To Be a 'Super Hero' for the World's Environment

(16 images)

So our student council now knows how to have the power of a 'Super Hero' to help protect the world's environment for future generations. The WE Charity conducted this session, and the one on 'Super Hero' face masks, to inform our student council that they, and everyone, can have a powerful effect on the future health of the earth and all its people, just like a 'Super Hero'!!!.

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TMTS Student Council on the WE Charity 'Walk For Water' in Hyde Park

(20 images)

Our student council members joined many other London schools in Hyde Park on a 'Walk For Water' in support of communities in need throughout the world. As the photos show, it was a very scenic setting, starting at the Bandstand, walking past the Serpentine and the Sackler Gallery, and finishing where they began, all the while carrying the blue fabric to represent clean, potable water.

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TMTS Student Council Makes 'Super Heroes' Masks...

(8 images)

This was a fun activity, as our student council members got creative and came up with their takes on what a true 'Super Hero' would look like!

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TMTS Donates to the Brixton Soup Kitchen Charity

(7 images)

TMTS students and staff collected a number of items to donate to the Brixton Soup Kitchen, a worthy charity supporting the homeless and those in need. Our student council members made this trip to bring our donation to the Brixton Soup Kitchen.

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Our Student Council at the Brixton Learning Collaborative Schools' Youth Summit

(14 images)

The Brixton Learning Collaborative (BLC) brings together students from various schools throughout the area to discuss and work on relevant projects and activities. Here we are in action!

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South Bank Outing for Key Stage 3

(35 images)

Several of our KS3 students enjoyed an outing to London's South Bank to experience a sensory playground of lights and textures, and the train trip was fun, too!

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Sports Day at TMTS ~ 2019

(119 images)

Every year, as the end of the school year approaches, the TMTS students put out their best efforts in our version of the Olympic Games, you could say. Have a look at the mighty athletic achievements these photos chronicle...

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Slime Planet & Picnic in the Park

(45 images)

Some of our Post-16 students visited Slime Planet near Loughborough Station, got properly slimy, and then went across the street to Wyck Gardens park to have a quiet picnic. It made for a lovely, slimy day!

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Reindeer Day ~ 2018

(32 images)

To help us celebrate the festive winter season at TMTS, we actually brought to the school some reindeer and set them up in our playground. As the photos indicate, both students and staff were delighted by these relatives of Rudolph!

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Red Nose Day ~ 2019

(101 images)

As we always do, TMTS took part in Red Nose Day by wearing red, of course, and by having both students and staff take part in fun activities to raise money for this worthwhile Comic Relief charity. These photos show what fun we all had...

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Oily Cart Theatre Company Water Performance at TMTS

(14 images)

The Oily Cart Theatre Company has been sharing their performances with TMTS for a number of years. This performance was special because it was held in the school's pool. Not only was it the usual magical experience, but this time it was also WET!!!

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Milkwood Park Mural UNVEILING & DEDICATION ~ TMTS and Jessop School

(78 images)

And here was the occasion of the Milkwood Mural's unveiling and dedication. Everyone who was involved and all those who attended were extremely proud of this epic project. The results are there, in the park, for all to see throughout the coming years!

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Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Awards ~ 2019

(8 images)

Here are photos of the Jack Petchey Achievement Awards ceremony at the Broadway Theatre in Catford. We are very proud of all our annual Jack Petchey award winners, both students and staff!

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Guinness World Records Colouring Challenge at Herne Hill Station

(5 images)

According to the Southwark News, "OVER 300 HERNE HILL SCHOOLKIDS SET NEW GUINNESS WORLD RECORD WITH MURAL (21-09-18)... The organisers believe they have smashed the world record for the most amount of contributions to a colour-by-numbers artwork..." And TMTS was there!!! Have a look...

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Ebony Horse Club End-of-Year Open House

(8 images)

These photos are from the Ebony Horse Club charity's Open House for TMTS student riders and their families and friends.

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Wheels for Wellbeing Cycling Outing for TMTS Students and Staff

(87 images)

The Wheels for Wellbeing charity supported TMTS students with training sessions and equipment for our whole school outing to the historic Herne Hill Velodrome. See what fun we had...

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Indoor Cricket Competition at the Oval

(14 images)

This gallery shows our TMTS sportswomen and sportsmen having a go against other schools at the Oval's Indoor Cricket competition.

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Eye Music Colourscape Performance

(13 images)

TMTS participated in the Eye Music Trust "Colourscape" experience through music and dance workshops at our school, culminating in this wonderful and COLOURFUL performance of our students.

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The Colour Disco!!!

(61 images)

Apologies for some fuzziness and dark exposures, but it was early evening, after school, and there was LOTS of motion!!! But, as you can see, a jolly, fun time was had by all!

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