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 Here you can find a selection of pictures about all the hard work and fun we are having at TMTC.  Check our Video Galleries if you want those pictures to come to life.



Work Skills & Social contribution

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At TMTC we belive that Employment is a key outcome for our students to have a fulfilling adult life. They take part in work experience, they learn about the world of work and we actively support them into paid employment.

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Home and Independence

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Our students learn skills in different subjects that preapare them to live more independently, this ranges from shopping, cooking, managing a budget or exploring respite options.

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Community & Relationships

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This area of the curriculum includes travel training, exploring opportunities in the community and learning about friends and relationships.

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Health & Well-being

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This area of the curriculum supportd students to carry a healthy lifestyle and build healthy habits.

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College opening

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Last Monday 26th June 2017 we had the pleasure to celebrate the College official opening. We had the delightful experience of having Ade Adepitan as our special guest. We also had the pleasure to meet the Lambeth Mayor, Marcia Cameron, who stressed the positive impact of the College in the community.

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TMTC Enterprise

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