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Art Therapy

Hi my name is Galina and I am an Art Therapist. Children like to play. This is their main job. Through playing they discover the world, develop and grow mentally and emotionally and learn to communicate. It is important for children to be able to express their needs in order to feel accepted and understood. Yet, certain issues can block the communication and understanding may be impaired. This might build up the level of anxiety and frustration inside the child, and result in non desirable behaviour.  

Using Art Therapy can be helpful tool for children to express what bothers them within instead of words, or together with words. Art Therapy is a form of therapy, in which art media is a main type of communication. Through therapy they can use their natural inclination to play and to be creative. Art media can serve the needs of the child on different levels. Art materials can be used as an emotional discharge in a safe way: clay can be broken and built back again; and paint can be spread and smudged. Additionally, images the children create can also contain their unwanted feelings. Guided sensitively by the therapist, they can reflect on their art works and this may help them to feel liberated, their self-awareness and self-confidence to increase, and as a result their behaviour as a whole can change.

Galina, Art Therapist.